Volunteering:  A Key Networking Tactic

Volunteering is an important way to network. We daily attempt to practice Golden Rule networking (“do for others as you would have them do for you”, Jesus words in the Gospel of Matthew 7:12), realizing the importance of always looking for ways to contribute to our community.

We urge you to look for and volunteer with an “affinity” group. Do you like to kayak? Volunteer to help with the local kayaking club. Are you a cyclist, vegan, photography fan, or into gardening? There are local groups like these plus dozens more. Pick your favorite “affinity”, write that word or words into the Google search website, and add the word, “volunteer” or “association”. We bet you’ll find some interesting opportunities.  LinkedIn groups can also be helpful, including our own NetWork 2 NewWork group.

Volunteering is important in other ways as well. It will keep your spirits up. You will have something to do for the day that will make a difference.  It will give you purpose in your day, an important primary motivator of human behavior, according to Daniel Pink in Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Beyond that, it can help you develop new skills you are looking to learn.  And research strongly suggests that those who volunteer find new work more quickly when one’s in transition.  Volunteering also provides opportunities for you to expand your network whether you are looking for work or for talent.

How about volunteering with NetWork 2 NewWork? We have many opportunities for you to serve including:

  • Registration at events
  • Setup for events
  • Web content providers
  • Photographers
  • Speakers
  • Planning committee

NW2NW Group 5You know when the best time to volunteer is?  Your very first NetWork 2 NewWork event!  If you know a few people or no one, it’s a great way to meet people quickly.  (Work at the registration table and you will meet  almost everyone who attends.) If you wish to volunteer please fill out the form below.


Also check out organizations like these for other volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer Match
Habitat for Humanity Kent County
United Way
Cody's Ride