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NO EVENT in January 2019

November 14, 2018 – “Learning from Failure for Future Success: 3 Stories”, St. Anthony of Padua Church, NW Grand Rapids

September 18, 2018 – “Network in the Arts”, Westminster Presbyterian Church, downtown Grand Rapids

July 17, 2018 – “Skills Gap: Problem or Opportunity?”, Mid-Summer Cookout with HR Panel (Janis Petrini, Andrew Bertin, Stephanie Dahlquist, Tom Brown), Redeemer Covenant Church, Dutton/Gaines Township

SPECIAL EVENT – June 12, 2018“Black > Green > Whiteboarding: an interactive evening of collaboration and creativity”, DISHER Whiteboard WorkshopsFacilitators, DISHER Training Facility / Zeeland

May 15, 2018 – “Woven into the Heart Our Community: Networking & Volunteering”, presenter Health Colletto, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Grand Rapids

March 20, 2018 – “Sustain Your Career, You Can—Network, You Must”, presenter Ken Soper (at St Robert of Newminster Catholic Church Parish Life Center, Ada MI)

January 19, 2018 – “How I Learned to Love Networking: An Introvert’s Tale”, presented by Steve Sanders (at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, NE Grand Rapids)

November 14, 2017“Planning-As-Future-Creation”, presented by Ann Dehen with Amanda Schelling, Will Ellis and Ken Soper (at St. Anthony of Padua Parish, NW Grand Rapids)

September 19, 2017“Program Manage Your Next Work Search”, with Ben Todd & Ken Soper (Westminster Presbyterian Church, downtown Grand Rapids)

July 18, 2017 “Consulting as Career Option: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly”, a conversation with consultant Scott Stapel (at Redeemer Covenant Church, Gaines Township)

May 16, 2017“The T.O.Y.A.S.E. Way – the why and how to a bright future in a career-disrupting economy”, presented by Tom Tock and Ken Soper (at Westminster Presbyterian Church, downtown Grand Rapids)

March 21, 2017“What’s My Story? Know Your Uniqueness, Stand Out in the Crowd”, presented by Mike Slaughter (at The Story Community Church, Comstock Park)

January 17, 2017“Essential 21st Century Networking: the Law of Attraction”, presentation and facilitation by Dr. Kai Sorensen (at St. Adalbert’s Church, NW Grand Rapids/Steepletown)

November 15, 2016“Telling Your Story on LinkedIn–Strategy, Structure, Narrative”, represented and facilitated by Scott Stapel and Ken Soper (at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, NE Grand Rapids)

Septembergrand-rapids-artprize-2012-lanterns 20, 2016 – “aRt & nEtWoRk on ArtPrize Eve”, guided ArtPrize venue touring (at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Grand Rapids)

July 19, 2016 – panel cookout“Finding Talent, Finding Work: What HR Professionals Tell Us Always Works”, HR Panelists (at Redeemer Covenant Church, Gaines Township)

Brain and heartMay 17, 2016 – “Emotional Intelligence – Employers want it in new talent”, Lorraine Medici/ Director of Training, Express Employment Professionals (at Express Employment Professionals, Wyoming)

MarcLASAR conversation 3h 15, 2016 “LASAR Connect: Create a ‘matrix’ to get what you (and others) want”, presented by Mat Raedle (at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, NE Grand Rapids)

Januarmagnify opportunityy 19, 2016 “Keep Calm and SWOT Yourself: Career Planning for the New Year”, presented by Toni Todd and Ken Soper (at St. Adalbert’s Catholic Church, NW Grand Rapids)

NovSanta Turkeyember 17, 2015 – “Visible Networking, No Hiding Out: Get Set for the Season” (at St Robert of Newminster Catholic Church, Ada)

SeptemFresh eyesber 15, 2015 – “Fresh Eyes: Networking for Career Innovation on ArtPrize® Eve” in downtown Grand Rapids at art venues (journeying out from Westminster Presbyterian Church)

July 21, Keith Brophy picture2015 – “Technology & Careers: What Will Your Future Hold?”, presented by Keith Brophy, serial entrepenuer and State Director, Small Business Development Centers (at Redeemer Covenant Church, SE Kent County)

May 19, 2015 –Before after hot drives Tricking Out and Driving Your LinkedIn Profile for Career Security”, Dennis Raven, Technology Explainer Extraordinaire (at  St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, NE Grand Rapids)

MarcIMG_2545h 17, 2015 – “Mastering the Fraternal Twins for Success–Networking & Consultative Sales”, Chet Trybus, MBA, Ferris State & Grand Valley State professor of Sales & Marketing (at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Downtown Grand Rapids)

January 20, 2015 – “Leaving the Shire–Two Journeys from Employee to Self-Employed Income Generator” with Janis Petrini, Owner/Operator Express Employment Professionals, and Jeff Geshel/Partner, Atlas Coast Technical Recruiting  (at Redeemer Covenant Church, Gaines Township/Dutton)

December 2014 – “Holiday End-of-Year Networking Strategies”, presented by Caryn McDonald and Tom Tock (at St Luke’s Lutheran Church)

September 2014 – “The Art of Networking”, orchestrated small group networking and touring in downtown GR at ArtPrize:  (started/ended at Westminster Presbyterian Church)

July 2014 – “Network Literate: What Is It, How To Get It, How To Keep It”, presented by Tom Tock and Ken Soper (at Redeemer Covenant)

May 2014 – “Career-Shift @ Speed: 60 minutes to defining and pursuing a new career direction”, presented by Ken Soper (at St Robert of Newminster Catholic Church, Ada/East Kent County)

March 2014 – Gail Soper and Steve Sanders: “Dress Your Best for Interviewing and Networking Success” by Gail Soper and “Evolution from Shy Guy to Networking Phenom” by Steve Sanders (at Westminster Presbyterian Church)

January 2014 – “Sustaining Your Career in the light of the Economic Outlook 2014-2015″, report by Ken Soper of Upjohn Institute’s Economist George Ericek’s economic outlook (at Redeemer Covenant)

November 2013 – “Employee Referral Programs Power: Tap them to find talent…and to be found”, presented by Ken Soper (at Redeemer Covenant)

September 2013 – “How I got started and sustained a weekly job club and lived to tell the tale after 600+ job club meetings!”, presented by Ken Soper (at St Robert)

July 2013 – “8 Principles for Good Networking”, presented by Ken Soper (at Redeemer Covenant)

May 2013 – “Active Listening” (Mary Robinson), “Your Elevator Speech: Build It. Use It.” (Larry Bratschie), “What is ‘Good’ Networking?” (Ken Soper) and “I Networked, Now What?” (Curtis Burdette).  (at Westminster)

March 2013 – “Networking Secrets from the Crucible of Transition: Real Stories of Success”, Panel of 5: Ed Bueche/Finance, Larry Dodge/Sales-Fundraising, Marcie Lewis/Non-Profit Leadership, Greg Rhodes/Sales & Marketing, Toni Todd/University Administration (at Westminster)

January 2013 – “Networking and HR: Working with these good guys to connect with hiring authorities”Panel of 5: Janis Petrini/Express Employment Professionals, Beth Nanzer/HR Specialist, ODB Ministries, Scott Harrison/HR Director, Thomas Cooley School of Law, Kim Stein/HR Consultant, Dave Moore/HRIS Consultant (at Eberhard Center/GVSU)

November 2012 – “Using Improvisation to Improve Your Networking”, Mary Jane Pories/President, FishLadder LLC (at Eberhard Center/GVSU)

September 2012 – “New 2 Networking: Here’s What to Do”Tom Tock (at Eberhard Center/GVSU)

July 2012 – “Effective F2F Networking: improve your skill by ‘paying forward’ first”, and “Why Employee Referrals?”, Ken Soper (at Eberhard Center/GVSU)

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