“Black > Green > Whiteboarding:

learning and collaboration techniques

to enhance and innovate your future”


Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.,

at Disher Design, 201 W. Washington Avenue in Zeeland!

We used to use chalk and that rough, dark board attached to the wall, or mounted on wheels.  Now it’s white with dry erase markers and collaborative software applications–used as a planning tool, for creating schedules as well as exploring creativity, brainstorm ideas and collaborate with colleagues.

Whatever the tools, using them to create and collaborate is becoming the normal with many organizations, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.  They’re even used in job interviews to evaluate candidates’ ability to participate in such tasks crucial to product design, development and even business operations.

Joinus for a SPECIAL EDITION NetWork 2 NewWork event near the lakeshore on Tuesday evening,  June 12th, 5-8 pm, at the corporate headquarters of Disher Design, an innovative product development and consulting firm (ranked as the 4th Best Consulting & Professional Services Workplace in US by FORTUNE & Great-Place-to-Work) located in a repurposed manufacturing building at 201 West Washington Avenue in Zeeland, Michigan.  Space is limited, so RSVP early.

The evening includes a tour of their facility, the story of a remarkable transition to new work without applying for any jobs online by one of Disher’s program managers, and the opportunity for an interactive learning session with one of their Whiteboard Workshops™ certified facilitators.  And of course, NW2NW orchestrated networking throughout the evening—bring 10 business cards to use as you connect with others enhancing and sustaining their careers

This event marks the 37th edition (since July 2012) with the support of EaRN Employment and Resource Network and many volunteers.

Because of the traffic typically found at rush hour after work, we urge you to ‘leave a little earlier’ to get to venue location. 

  • A modest $5 donation at the door helps us keep these events affordable for everyone.  We can accept credit/debit cards.  We will provide a receipt for your tax preparation as our sponsor, EaRN, is an IRS-recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.

RSVP now using the red “Register Now” button on the right of this page.  (Doing so helps us plan refreshments, materials, and event seating arrangements and manage our event budget.   Thanks.)

A mid-July heads up: Tuesday evening, July 17th, is our annual cookout in Gaines Township (south of M-6) with a spectacular panel of HR professionals and small rotating round table discussions so that you can get your questions answered about employment, hiring and the world of work here in West Michigan.

Each NetWork 2 NewWork event presentation is woven together, an orchestrated networking opportunity, to expand and strengthen your network and that of those you meet, because they get to know you and you them–more an art than a science.

Take advantage of networking opportunities (and food) by coming right at beginning of the event, then continue after the presentation to practice your skills and developing habits essential to building your powerful network.

At each event there is also the opportunity to get a LinkedIn “headshot” at the event for a modest donation.  Check with the volunteer at the Sign-In Table when you arrive if you’re interested.

These NW2NW events always have an underlying theme:

  • “We’re increasing becoming aware how at-will employment makes us all self-employed free agents, focusing on all forms of work (as an employee, contract worker, staffing firm associate, consultant, business owner, entrepreneur, and volunteer) and that continuous networking is critical to finding work and staying employable in this new economy.”
  • Part of our value to our employer (and future ones) is our network.

With our rapidly changing and disruptive economy, many people still find it challenging to find meaningful work to sustain their career.  Employers relentlessly continue cutting costs, using new ‘automation’ to augment or even replace former human resources activities, and push their employees to long hours and more stringent methods of measuring value-added.  Nonetheless, with unemployment relatively low (depending on which economist’s data you read!), career changers and job hunters can still embrace an opportunity to explore new options…if they consistently network.

  • If we put off building and nurturing our connections, letting employers and the tasks they want done completely preoccupy us, dictating the use of all our time, they keep us from making our own professional (and personal) development a priority and make us vulnerable to exigencies and cycles of the economy and the employer’s decisions.  
  • Furthermore, innovation and creativity often comes from new directions, ‘mistakes’ of bumping into an event, idea or person we wouldn’t have if we’d not taken the risk to make new connections and share ideas and activities with people we don’t ‘normally’ run into.

Hosted by

Disher Design & EaRN

  • Check-in begins: 4:45pm
  • Facility tour: 5:00-5:30pm
  • Food & networking:   5:30-6:00 pm
  • Presentations, 6:00-7:30 pm~
  • More food & networking:  7:30-7:55 pm
  • Door Prize Drawings: 7:55-8:00 pm