“Program Manage Your Next Work Search”

Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 5:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Preparation, Agility, Strength, Speed, Longevity–all qualities we can identify with last summer’s phenomenal Usain Bolt, the Olympics sprinter, who set record after record over the last three summer Olympic Games and more than a decade at the track and field World Championships.

Yet, like every person’s career, his had its anxious moments. In the 2002 World Junior Championships held before a home crowd in Kingston, Jamaica, the expectation from the home crowd made him so nervous that he had put his shoes on the wrong feet. Yet he went on to win and set his name down in the record books as the greatest sprinter of all time.

Everyone’s career also needs these qualities and has its anxiety moments, including the process of finding a new career direction and occasionally conducting a work search campaign. Nonetheless, there are ‘project management’ practices and methods similar to that of a track superstar for establishing a direction, sustaining a career, and finding new work that are better than others.

Join us Tuesday, September 19th (“ArtPrize Eve”) for an evening of interactive learning, providing you opportunity to learn key principles of project management and have them applied to the work search project–a very likely future activity for all of us.

  • Ben Todd, PMP, and the Director of Education for the West Michigan Chapter of the Project Management (PM) Institute, has applied PM principles to his work search process, and partnering with Ken Soper, NCDA recognized Master Career Counselor, will present “Project Manage Your Next Work Search” in a very interactive manner.
  • Your take away will be understanding PM principles and how to apply them to any of your future work search campaigns.

The evening’s events will be held in the Fellowship Hall of Westminster Presbyterian Church, 47 Jefferson Avenue SE, in downtown Grand Rapids.

  • Sign-in begins at 5:00 pm with refreshments and networking.
  • Ben & Ken will begin the interactive presentation ~5:45 and run until ~7:00 pm.
  • The event ends at 7:30.

It also being “ArtPrize Eve”, we encourage you to take advantage of visiting nearby by ArtPrize venues following the event, before the on-slot of crowds beginning the next day. We will provide each person attending a map of the nearby locations as well as a suggested route through to these sites. You may leave your vehicle at Westminster’s parking lot.

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Having a network’s now an imperative for our present career and our futures as well as that of our employers and even the economy’s health.  In fact, part of our value to our employer (and future ones) is our network.

  • If we put off building and nurturing our connections, letting employers and the tasks they want done completely preoccupy us, dictating the use of all our time, they keep us from making our own professional (and personal) development a priority and make us vulnerable to exigencies and cycles of the economy.
  • Furthermore, innovation and creativity often comes from new directions, ‘mistakes’ of bumping into an event, idea or person we wouldn’t have if we’d not taken the risk to make new connections and share ideas and activities with people we don’t ‘normally’ run into.

Each NetWork 2 NewWork event presentation is woven together…an orchestrated networking opportunity, expanding and strengthening your network and that of those you meet, because they get to know you and you them–more an art than a science.

In addition, there will be the opportunity to get a LinkedIn “headshot” at the event for a modest donation.  This photo opportunity has become a regular feature at NetWork 2 NewWork events.  Check with the volunteer at the Sign-In Table when you arrive if you’re interested.

Take advantage of networking opportunities and food by coming right at or soon after 5:00, then continue after the presentation to practice your skills and developing habits essential to building a powerful and giving network.

Since July 2012 the support of EaRN Employment and Resource Network has helped us keep these events remain FREE.   If you wish to donate–please do so HERE and thank you!–we will provide a receipt for your tax preparation as our sponsor, EaRN, is an IRS-recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.

These NW2NW events always have an underlying theme–we’re increasing becoming aware how at-will employment makes us all self-employed free agents, focusing on all forms of work—as an employee, contract worker, staffing firm associate, consultant, business owner, entrepreneur, and volunteer—and that continuous networking is critical to finding work and staying employable in this new economy.

Hosted by

Hosted by Westminster Presbyterian Church & EaRN

47 Jefferson Avenue SE, Grand Rapids

  • Check-in, food & networking:   5:00-5:45 pm
  • Ben (with Ken) presentation, 5:45-7:00 pm~
  • More food & networking:  7:00-7:25 pm
  • Door Prize Drawings: 7:25-7:30 pm
  • Post-Event “ArtPrize Eve” Extended Networking in downtown GR