is Golden Rule Networking

Are you beginning your work search, looking to expand your current network, or searching for talent for your team?  NetWork2NewWork is a committed group of professionals who not only provide events to network at but also provide seminars to help you introduce you to networking and to master techniques that will give you confidence. Our bi-monthly events include seminars led by local presenters who offer information not only on the basics of network, but also using social media, interviewing, working with recruiters, and interviewing.  This is followed by continued orchestrated networking and conversation.

Relationships are the rungs of the ladder to success.  Networking is the powerful tactic to find work, to find talent, and to expand the success of your own career or your organization.  Using Golden Rule Networking you will build friendships that will have your back when things get tough, people who will keep you motivated, and to bounce off your ideas with. When you focus on how you can help others the opportunities will come.

The bottom line is that people want to business with people they know and trust.  Golden Rule networking can help you become that person for many people. Beyond friendships and opportunities, you will build relationships that you can trust to provide you with advice you need and the contacts you need to help you achieve your goals.  Your network will promote you and your services or products to the people they know.  Your network can help you with practical advice in small and big things.   Why?  Because you have proven you are willing to do the same thing for them.  That’s why the most important question you can ask someone you meet is, “How can I help you?”

Join us to learn and practice these two essential skills and how to weave them together for 21st century success. Master Salesperson Chet Trybus, MBA, faculty member at Ferris State University’s College of Business, will lead the evening’s practical skill building activities.

Chet’s students give him rave reviews, frequently feeding back that his practical, “rapid” approach to teaching the sales discipline has transformed their outlook and propelled their careers forward, with a number earning six-figure salaries early in their careers. FSU’s College of Business sales skills programs ranks among the Top 66 North American Sales Universities by The Sales Education Foundation.  Read More…..

Next Event – Mar. 18, 2015

Eventbrite - NetWork2NewWork Event: Mastering the Fraternal Twins for Success--Networking & Consultative Sales

As you begin you work search you need direction, support and a lot of “how to” information to be successful.  The Work Search Roundtable provides that for you is an informal and safe environment.  The sessions are open to the public and provide ongoing networking, support, group problem solving, and coaching for individuals during periods of work search and career transition. When you attend you can expect hot coffee, fresh pastries, and a warm welcome. These sessions make them the longest, continuously meeting job clubs in West Michigan–7000+ people have attended sessions since 1999–at two locations on different days of the week.  Read More…..


Grow your professional network exponentially with NW2. These casual events (new in 2015) provide you an additional chance to chat and network face-to- face. These informal chats can lead to opportunities for everyone involved to discover potential ways to work together, work opportunities, and service to the community.   It is our hope they will motivate you to new heights in your career, share your story, provide opportunities to give and receive advice, and expand your professional knowledge. Most of all, they can serve to build a strong, lasting base for your professional network.

Check back here often for upcoming NW2 events.